Smartsoft Gaming’s JetX rocket game launched in January 2019 has brought a fresh perspective to the gambling industry of luck and chance.


What is JetX?

While some may perceive it as a slot machine, JetX is much more. It’s a mini arcade game offering live betting, a multiplier, super-fast rounds, and a high probability of winning. With simple rules, JetX is a new game category blending luck and strategy in a fun, easy, and fast-paced gameplay.

In JetX, players launch a rocket into space against the backdrop of stars and the sky, accompanied by a multiplier that increases as the rocket ascends. The player’s winnings equal the amount bet multiplied by the multiplier at the time of withdrawal. However, players must be cautious and withdraw their bet before the rocket explodes; otherwise, they lose both their bet and multiplier.

🎮 game typeRocket
💵 JetX game Minimum bet0.5 USD
📈 JetX RTP0-99%
🕹 Game providerJetX SmartSoftGaming
🎮Alternative gameAviator, Zeppelin
📙 LanguagesEnglish
🔸 JetX game objectsRocket
📱gaming devicesDesktop computers, mobile phones/smartphones, tablets
🖥 TechnologyJS, HTML5

How to Play JetX Online?

JetX is a simple and fast-paced game that can be played online in just three steps:

Step 1: Place a Bet

Players must decide on the bet amount and confirm it is correct.

Step 2: Game Starts

The rocket launches, and a multiplier is displayed next to the device.

Step 3: Withdraw Bet

Players must withdraw their bet before the rocket explodes. If they do, they receive a prize equal to the value of the bet multiplied by the current multiplier. If not, they lose the round.

The game can be played in just two clicks – placing the bet and withdrawing it – and it happens in milliseconds. After the rocket explodes, the game restarts. JetX is a popular game genre on the internet, and its popularity continues to grow.

JetX Core Rules

One of the reasons for the popularity of JetX betting game is its simplicity, with no complex rules or instructions to follow. Though there might be some strategies involved, we will discuss them later.

The game has two straightforward rules:

  1. Place and Confirm a Bet.
  2. Withdraw the Bet.

These two simple guidelines are the essence of the game and make it incredibly fast-paced. A round of JetX lasts only a few seconds, encompassing placing the bet, launching the rocket, and withdrawing the bet.

It’s worth noting that while the game is played by multiple players, it’s a live betting game where each player’s bet is independent of others and doesn’t interfere with them.

The game starts when bets are closed and ends when the rocket explodes. A new round begins with placing bets, closing bets, and launching the rocket.

Bonus for JetX Game

JetX bets are available on online casinos or specialized gambling sites. The game doesn’t have any specific bonuses, but players can still try the game without making a deposit. However, they can use their casino bonus to play JetX.

The most common offers for new players are the signup bonus or the casino welcome bonus.

The signup bonus requires the client to register on the platform and is usually a sum of money or a set of free bets. The welcome bonus is typically a first deposit bonus that doubles the deposit amount and allows the player to use the bonus on casino games, including JetX.

Here are two examples of bonuses:

  1. Signup Bonus:

When a player registers on the casino website and confirms their account, they receive a bonus of 10 reais, which can be used to play JetX. To receive the bonus, the player needs to fill out an account creation form and confirm it.

  1. Welcome Bonus:

After registering on the casino site and confirming the account, the player needs to make their first deposit. The casino will then double the deposit amount as a bonus, up to a certain limit. For example, if a player deposits 50 reais, they will receive an additional 50 reais (100% x 50) as a bonus. This bonus can be used on casino games, including JetX.


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